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The Molecular Psychiatry Association was founded in 2013 to promote research and communication of research findings that may lead to a better understanding of the molecular basis of psychiatric disorders. Varying approaches are being applied and include neurobiology, genetics, brain imaging, biomarkers, brain expression, neural stem cells, animal models and novel drug development.

The primary mission of the association is to hold an annual meeting. The association – as well as its annual meeting – is open to all professionals who are interested in molecular foundations of psychiatric disorders.   Registration fees for the meeting includes a one year membership to the society. By bringing together investigators with varied molecular approaches it is hoped that cross-fertilization and collaborations will take place.

Founding organizers were Rob Malenka and Bill Byerley.

The society is affiliated with the journal, Complex Psychiatry, which was formerly Molecular Neuropsychiatry from 2017 – 2019.    

2021 Organizing Board:

  • Carrie Bearden
  • Bill Byerley
  • Stephanie Dulawa
  • Zach Freyberg
  • Rob Malenka
  • Tracey Petryshen
  • Stephan Sanders
  • Akira Sawa
  • Martin Schalling
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