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The Poster Session and Reception was held on Friday, October 18th in the Lower Atrium from 5:30 pm – 7:30 pm and was sponsored by

All MPA attendees enjoyed the evening with colleagues and viewed more than 40 scientific posters!

CLICK HERE to view the poster abstracts.

Poster 1

William Reay
School of Biomedical Sciences and Pharmacy, The University of Newcastle, Australia

Clinically Actionable Pathways Identified in Individuals With Schizophrenia by Pharmacological Enrichment of Polygenic Risk

Poster 2

Susan Shen
University of California San Francisco

A Candidate Causal Variant Underlying Both Enhanced Cognitive Performance and Increased Risk of Bipolar Disorder

Poster 3

Gil Hoftman
Semel Institute for Neuroscience & Human Behavior at UCLA

Association of Primate-Specific Supragranular Enriched Gene Expression With Cortical Thickness Patterns in 22q11.2 Deletion Syndrome

Poster 4

Evan Geller
Yale University School of Medicine

High-Throughput Disruption of Enhancers Active During Human Corticogensis

Poster 5

Huei-Ying Chen
Lieber Institute for Brain Development

Loss of Inhibitory Neurons and Perturbed Inhibition in a Syndromic ASD Mouse Model

Poster 6

Gwynne Davis
Institute for Neurodegenerative Diseases UCSF

The Effect of Ketamine on Fronto-Striatal Circuit Mechanisms Underlying Compulsive Grooming Behavior

Poster 7

Himanshu Mishra
Department of Psychiatry and Center for Circadian Biology, University of California San Diego; Psychiatry Service, Veterans Affairs

Human Induced Pluripotent Stem Cell Derived Neurons Model Circadian Rhythm Abnormalities in Bipolar Disorder

Poster 8

Perry Spratt
University of California San Francisco

Crispr Activation Rescues Physiological Deficits Associated With SCN2A Haploinsufficiency

Poster 9

Brianna Chrisman
Stanford University

Microbiome-Wide Analysis of Children With Autism Spectrum Disorder and Their Neurotypical Siblings Identifies Numerous Differentially Present Taxa

Poster 10

Jae Hoon Sul
Department of Psychiatry and Biobehavioral Sciences, University of California Los Angeles

Contribution of Common and Rare Variants to Bipolar Disorder Susceptibility in Extended Pedigrees From Population Isolates

Poster 11

Min Woo Sun
Stanford University

Game Theoretic Centrality Supports Link Between Autism Spectrum Disorder and the HLA Complex

Poster 12

Karol Cichewicz
Center for Neuroscience, University of California Davis

Maternal Immune Activation Perturbs Transcriptional Co-Expression Networks During Corticogenesis

Poster 13

Cesar Canales
University of California Davis

Initial Insights Into the Role of CHD8 in the Cerebellum

Poster 14

Kaitlin Scarborough
Des Moines University

Choreiform Movements in Methamphetamine-Induced Movement Disorder: A Rare but Recognized Presentation

Poster 15

Diana Waters
Duke University, Department of Neurobiology

Developing a Behavioral Task to Assay Positive and Valence Systems in a Bipolar Disorder Mouse Model

Poster 16

Peter Washington
Stanford University

Data-Driven Identification of Predictive Social Responsiveness Biomarkers for Autism

Poster 17

Rinaldo Catta-Preta
University of California Davis

On the Mechanisms of DLX Transcriptional Regulation of Critical Genes in Basal Ganglia Development and Interneuron Specification

Poster 18

Aaron Jenkins
University of Pittsburgh, Department of Psychiatry

Increased Markers of Microglia and Complement-Mediated Pathways in Schizophrenia

Poster 19

Xiao-Hong Lu

Dosage Sensitivity Intolerance of VIPR2 Microduplication is Disease Causative to Manifest Schizophrenia-Like Phenotypes in a Novel BAC Transgenic Mouse Model

Poster 20


Poster 21

Bashkim Kadriu
Division Intramural Research Program, National Institute of Mental Health

The Impact of Ketamine and AV-101 on the Kynurenine Pathway in Subjects With Treatment-Resistant Unipolar or Bipolar Depression

Poster 22

Mikhail Zastrozhin
Moscow Research and Practical Centre on Addictions of the Moscow Department of Healthcare

Effects of CYP2D6 Activity on the Efficacy and Safety of Mirtazapine in Patients With Depressive Disorders and Comorbid Alcohol Use Disorder

Poster 23

Sara Linker
Salk Institute for Biological Studies

Identifying a Predictive Signature of Neuronal Reactivity in Single Hippocampal Nuclei

Poster 24

Maya Varma
Stanford University

Maximum Flow Formulation Identifies High-Confidence Noncoding Variants Associated With Autism Spectrum Disorder

Poster 25

Philip Shaw

Estimating the Heritability of the Brain’s Structural Connectivity and Its Association With Changing Symptoms of Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder

Poster 26

Jason Lambert
University of California Davis

In Vivo Deployment of a Massively Parallel Reporter Assay for the Validation of Disease-Relevant Enhancers Active in Postnatal Brain Development

Poster 27

Marci Rosenberg
University of California San Francisco

Noradrenergic Regulation of Grey-Matter Astrocyte Maturation

Poster 28

Amanda Welch
University of California San Diego, Department of Psychiatry

Dopamine D2 Receptor Overexpression in the Nucleus Accumbens Core Indirect Pathway Increases Activity-Based Anorexia Selectively in Female Mice

Poster 29

Vipavee Niemsiri
Department of Psychiatry, University of California San Diego

Integrating the iPSC-Derived Neuron Transcriptome and GWAS-Boosting Data to Identify Genes and Networks Involved in Lithium Response in Bipolar Disorder

Poster 30


Poster 31

Vivek Kumar
The Jackson Laboratory

Tmod2 is a Regulator of Cocaine Responses Through Control of Striatal and Cortical Excitability, and Drug-Induced Plasticity

Poster 32

Brenda Cabrera
National Institute of Genomic Medicine

Transcriptional Networks in the Suicidal Brain

Poster 33


Poster 34

Leda Talib
Psychiatry Institute University of Sao Paulo

Three Plasma Metabolites in Elderly Patients Differentiates Mild Cognitive Impairment and Alzheimer’s Disease: A Mass-Spectrometry Study

Poster 35

Siavash Fazel Darbandi
University of California San Francisco

TBR1 Dosage is Required for Cortical Neuronal Spine Maturation and Synaptogenesis

Poster 36

Helena Joaquim
Neuroscience Laboratory – LIM27

Plasma Metabolites in First Episode Psychosis: Exploring Symptoms Heterogeneity/Severity in a Schizophrenia and Bipolar Disorder Cohort

Poster 37

Sunpreet Singh
Western University of Health Sciences

Sertraline for Cancer Patients: Reducing Cancer Burden and Psychological Burden

Poster 38

Alana Costa
Laboratory of Neuroscience LIM 27

Plasma Levels of Metabolites Differentiate First Episode Psychosis in Schizophrenia and Bipolar Disorders Patients

Poster 39

Kelley Paskov
Stanford University

Microdeletions on the X Chromosome Contribute to Autism Susceptibility in Males

Poster 40

Rebecca Shafee
Harvard Medical School

Genetic Architecture of Phenome-Wide Latent Factors in the UK Biobank

Poster 41

Vasiliki Karalis
University of California Berkeley

Raptor Downregulation Prevents TSC-related Phenotypes in Mice

Poster 42

Leah Dorman
University of California San Francisco

Defining the Roles of Glia in Developmental Cortical Remodeling

Poster 43

Tracy Warren
University of California Davis Center for Neuroscience

Validation of Active Enhancers Within the Disease-Associated CACNA1C Gene

Poster 44

Jerika Barron
University of California San Francisco

Determining the Role of Type 2 Immunity in Synapse Development

Poster 45

Jae-Yoon Jung
Stanford University School of Medicine

Identifying LCL Artifacts in Whole Genome Sequencing

Poster 46

Phi Nguyen
University of California San Francisco

The IL-33-IL1RL1 Signaling Axis Coordinates Remodeling and Integration of Adult-Born Neurons in the Hippocampus


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